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06 January 2010

Happy New Year To All

Oh my gosh, has it really been 3+ months since my last post? Well, lest it is thought that I have fallen off a cliff and disappeared into the dust I guess I should say something. Last I posted I was building my website
and somehow it evolved into two additional websites and as well as designing my Etsy site Whew, now all I need to do is get cracking in my studio to create inventory to list on the latter two sites, and get out there scouting for books and such to add to my inventory for the first two sites. Hmmm, now where did I put that wallet?
Just so you don't think I have been a complete slug I have made some progress in my studio and Mulu (above right) a Princess of the Zebra tribe from the land of Centauria is one of my completed projects. I will be offering her for sale on my Etsy site soon.

You should definitely take a look at Crazy4Art4u in the "Favorite Links" section as I have been very busy seeking out tutorials and inspirational sites to upload or link to. You will also find a few sites where you can take online classes (some are even "free"). Really worth looking at, especially if your creative muse seems to be sleeping after the onslaught of the holiday season.

I hope to be adding a lot of inventory to Crazy4Art4U in the coming months and am looking into making up kits for those of you who may have a little less time right now, or just like the idea of a kit with everything in it so you don't have to shop and make decisions on color, how much, patterns, etc.

So, please visit my sites and let me know what you think...
(And I promise to try and post much more often!)