Crazy4art4u is officially moved as of today. You will now find me at my new blog with a whole new look. Please join me in the next step in my continuing adventure of art and life in the country!

24 September 2010

Moving Day!!!!!

Hi Everyone, just a quick and brief note to tell you I am moving my blog today! I will be leaving Crazy4art4u up but will not continue posting here. I hope you all will follow me over to my new place and help share in my excitement!
Hugs to you all, and hurry over to my new blog, I just put up my first post over there.

01 September 2010

The Winner Is...

Morning All,
So in a few minutes I will be drawing a name for the winner of my giveaway, and I just want to say thanks to everyone that participated! Your help has been much appreciated. Before I go on to the winner however, I am putting a link up to a friends blogpost that I would like you all to be aware of - it comes with a warning. Unfortunately it is about a company that does not behave very well and in our sphere of artists I think that is just unacceptable so, I here is the linkk to Katarina's post so you can read and judge for yourself. Remember caveat emptor (let the buyer beware)...

OK, I have conducted this drawing very scientifically - I put all of your names in one of my husband's baseball caps and he picked the winner... I know, I know all those random number programs but I am getting a little tired of too much technology in life so, this was fair and honest - everyone had an equal chance of being drawn and I fluffed the little pieces of paper with your names on them really really well before and after I put them in the hat! The other choice would have been to have Raphael (a.k.a. monsieur kitty) choose one at the risk of it being shredded before I could read the winner. 

And now the winner is Avalonne83 over at the "The Black Cat" Blog  CONGRATULATIONS AVALONNE!!!! I will be emailing you for your mailing information so I can get your book out to you right away. Thanks again everyone for all your help - you are all true friends and I love you all :D When I finish my project for which this giveaway was designed I will post pictures - don't look for them until around late November.
Hugs to everyone,