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07 April 2010

Daily Walks

My friend Robin in Kodiak Alaska just reminded me with her post today on her blog about the wealth found in a simple romp outside. Whether one is walking alone, with friends or spouse or both it helps to recenter our souls so we can get back to focusing on the important things in life. I kind of have lost site of well, my centered-ness and so tomorrow, weather permitting of course I am taking my "good" camera and tripod and going on a quest for some much needed fresh air and a commune with nature. If I am lucky my commune with nature will result in some great photographs as reminders of my day. There are already green buds on my huge lilac bush in front of my house and lots of little green sprouts sticking up out of the ground as well as swollen brooks and streams from the run-off from all the rain recently and the melting snow. All in all plenty to make for some great shots - if my photography muse is looking over my shoulder that is...we will see.
In case you are wondering that is DH sitting on a rock contemplating the great day we had just had last summer when we were in the Adironack Mountains in upstate New York. Now that is a place I would love to move back to if only we could afford it...*sigh*

Ciao for now,

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  1. This is a great time of year, to get back out and reconnect with our souls. Enjoy your walk with nature, and take some great pictures.