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31 March 2010

Rainy Gray Day on the Farm

Well I just logged onto my blog this afternoon and was stunned to find I actually have 3 followers. Yipeee, someone to talk to besides myself at last! Now the pressure is on to actually say something...
I have been doing some very serious soul searching of late as I am sure you have noticed by my recent topics regarding the reasons behind creating art. It has made me rethink my goals for the rest of my life now that I am on the other side of 50, to question what really matters to me. I have read that this stage of our lives is one filled with questioning and a feeling of needing to do things but often we are not sure what we want to do so we end up trying everything all at once and kind of spinning our wheels. What is really needed is some quality quiet time filled with non-movement and reflection.

I have always been an eclectic artist, well, and person, with my fingers in new mediums all the time but that has not lead to any real self-satisfaction , really it has only lead to feeling overwhelmed. There was always something missing and I now think what was missing was I was simply working in the wrong mediums. My passion has really always been paper, ink and fiber. I have been a quilter for 20 years and have made handmade books, journals and albums embellished with hand drawings for 40 or so years. Some how I strayed and that is when I got lost...and began to feel unfullfilled. So I am on a new quest, or should I say my old quest to create within my own parameters. Stay tuned to follow this new journey...
Ciao for now,

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  1. One nice thing our journey can take a turn or twist and head in a brand new direction at any time.