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02 March 2010

Spring is On Its Way

It has been too long again since my last post - time just seems to slip away! I have revamped my website ( and am likin' the new clean lines take a look and let me know what you think. I am expecting new orders to come in around the end of March and the beginning of April so come by and look around then to see all the new goodies as they arrive!  I have been working on my links page and have added a free tutorial page you might like to visit ( - there are tutorials for beadwork, wirework, knitting, spinning (one of my newer projects to learn, which seems to be a natural evolution of learning to knit) and last but not least lampwork (another new medium I'm learning - just couldn't resist those glorious little pieces of glass art any longer). I have also finally taken the plunge to join some of the artist studio sites out there and put some of my jewelry up for sale on them - I guess only time will tell, patience young grasshopper!

I have two etsy sites one is for jewelry ( and the other is for knitting ( where I have some lampworked stitch markers listed so far . I have to admit although all this website designing and blogging is an awful lot of work it does have its own creative side that is actually fun! I just wish people would find me so I am not just talking to myself *Sigh* I guess that will happen in time too, darn that patience thing...

Come back and visit again - I will be adding links to some of my favorite free knitting patterns soon.

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