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12 March 2010

Why Do We Create Art II

Continuing on the theme of why we make art the question also begs another question that tends to haunt many of us,"are we any good at our art?" I wander in and out of working with different mediums but then I see someone's work and think "now this is a real artist"! How do we connect with our inner soul to speak in different words that have never been spoken quite that way before; to express a beauty of a kind not quite like any other ever seen? It is there all locked up inside of us, we can feel it, we can almost touch it but...something is keeping us from being able to turn the key to open the door. Art of course comes from the depth of the soul of the one creating the art - so what stops at the door - is it a fear of others seeing who we really are? Our perhaps our own fear of seeing who we are? Or the fear of rejection of not being good enough? This morning I ran across the work of a book maker and photo artist (picture above -website and was instantly struck with,"now this is a real artist." The perfection, but not, but somehow is - expressing a depth that has no words but meaning is clearly expressed. Here is an artist that has found her medium of expression. I then look at my work and it is a mere shadow, trite eye candy but no more.
To be continued...

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