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11 March 2010

Why Do We Make Art?

I know, I know...this is such an open ended question it almost begs not to be answered. However, this is a question I have been plaqued by for a long time. I know I have an undefinable inner need and drive to work with my hands and create things that are pretty, well, at least they are to me but as an anthropologist as well as an academic reference librarian (note: not employed in either field-just thought I should say that for the record) I feel like I should have a more sophisticated answer. I read other artists biographies or resumes and am awe struck by how well they define what their art stands for and therefore how well they know themselves.  Is that part of the equation? Knowing yourself - that is also a problem I have been plaqued by - defining who I am. Mostly I am like a little kid excited with the prospect of what I will find around the next corner, or the discovery of how something works, that probably explains why I am interested in so many different things. My art though, is just something that comes from inside of me and I am not sure why, just that it does and I have to make art...hmmmm that was a complete circle LOL!  Anyone care to chime in with their thoughts? (Oh and if you are wondering why I have a picture of an alpaca up with this post it is because I think he is absolutely adorable - he belongs to a freind, Pam at Dream Come True Yarn and I just couldn't resist sharing Monte Cristo with the world!)
Would love to hear other thinking besides my own...
Ciao for now,

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  1. Monte Cristo is adorable! Like you I just have a need to create. Just part of who I am.! Your blog is lovely. Be glad when mine comes "together."