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06 March 2010

Attempt #1 at Drop Spindle Spinning

Yesterday my drop spindle and roving arrived in the mail but I didn't have time to get to it until today. Wow, this is going to take a little bit of practice to get good at, as all things worthwhile they exact their initial toll in time and the humbling process! When my spindle arrived the roving had been started for me on the spindle by the wonderful shepherdess, Pam from When I had finished watching her video on YouTube for about the 9th time I decided it was time to stop being afraid and plunge I did. I had to lol when I wrapped my first bit of spun yarn around the base of the spindle for storage. Up against the few wraps Pam had done mine looked like a fat lumpy bumpy strand of brown and cream striped string! I felt oh so guilty about the beautiful soft alpaca and babydoll sheep wool I was, in my eyes ruining. By the end of 3 hours I had spun the roving and was once in a while feeling what it is supposed to feel like when you are doing it right, I said once in a while with large interludes of sweaty out of control feelings overwhelming me all the other time. All in all I would say my first foray into the spinning world was not a total disaster as I had feared, only leaving me with aching shoulders from the death grip I had on the roving and humility toward those that make it look so easy! Tomorrow is another day and I really can't wait...I think this means I am hooked (no pun intended)! Hmmmm, I wonder if you can unwind spun wool and respin it?

Well, off to soak in a nice warm bath and then read about spinning...
Ciao for now,

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