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31 July 2010

Late Summer Day at Dusk...

Sounds of the forest outside my window

The lure of nature's beauty

 Denseness is a blessing?

Living in the woods can be thrilling, exciting, a little bit scary, inspirational and...sad. You come to learn the sounds of the forest, the cheerful, carefree along with the well, not quite so carefree, actually downright distressful. My studio has two lovely windows that allow me to be right up against the woods in all its glory, sometimes a little too close. Sitting at my computer listening to the sounds of the end of a busy day of foraging and flying and singing the forest begins to settle into its nightly rhythms, which unfortunately means danger to many of the creatures who make the forest their home. You are usually taken unawares, at first not recognizing the danger or hearing the distress calls - it's all happening so fast that actually it is almost over before you realize some little creature just fell victim to...suddenly the sounds all around have quieted in the wake of the fear that just flooded through, even the crickets stop for a moment or two before resuming their familiar nightly group melody. The deed is over now, nothing can be done, the strong prey on the less strong - it is a matter of survival that the little bird who moments ago was happily singing readying for its distant journey of migration that lay just ahead as the days of sweet summer gradually grow shorter. Now she has become a part of the mechanism of survival for one larger and stronger than she ...
American Goldfinch
photo credit to environmental photographer
par excellence!


  1. Beautiful Post. It makes the reader feel like they were right there.
    Thanks so much for adding our widget to your blog. Helping us spread the word is one of the best ways you could help.


  2. Hi Beth, just had time to drop in briefly but will be back later in the week when my days aren't quite so full. There's lots to read here!! Loved your post about life outside your window....I love the chance to observe the world around us. Here (in my Melbourne garden) its two competing magpie families and their goings on. There's a book in it somewhere if only I had the time.

    Hope to see your work for Opus Gluei..... I like their irreverent take on life.

  3. This is a beautiful post,'s my dream to have a little house in the woods! Your description is beautifully written...I feel like I'm there..and I love the whole look of your blog! I saw your comment on 'Scrapping with Sherry' and came by to see your new look..just lovely! My own blog seems plain by comparison. I'm a bloggerette sister too, so it's very nice to meet you!

    Now that I'm here, I'll peek at some of your other posts, if that's okay.. and visit another time, too.