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05 July 2010

July 4th Weekend and Blue Girl

Happy July Everyone, and hope you all had a nice, safe and enjoyable July 4th weekend, which is quickly coming to a close for this year. In case you are wondering how I spent mine - nice and comfy in the air-conditioning creating ART of course! I created my first Technicolor Face from Sharon's class and am lovin' this technique. I also spent some time just cruising the Net watching art vids by some pretty amazing artists. Even found one, well actually part I and part II by Rice (pronounced Risa) on making a multiple signature book using thin leather for the cover, sorry to any vegans out there but I love leather for book covers. Her YouTube vids are at you should stop by if you have a chance.
I found a fabulous leather distributor in Canada at the beginning of this year, with the intentions of using the leather for my handmade books. She sells beautiful hand dyed Italian leather intended for clothes, soft, soft, soft and very thin in scrumptious colors like azure blue with silver scroll work stamped on it and did I mention the beautiful pistachio? Can't wait to get back to making books...but for now painting and watercolor are on the immediate horizon. I have a fabulous watercolor class online coming up July 20th that should yield some great ideas and techniques and I am slowly moving along with the videos from Suzi Blu for 4 of her classes, what can I say, I just couldn't help myself. I am taking her beginner class for Folk Art dolls, "Goddess and Poetry", "Piety and Passion" and I just signed up for her "Angels" class. The really neat thing about Suzi's classes is she gives you the vids to download so you can refer back to them forever! I am looking forward to seeing what she has in store for the Fall semester. She has dropped hints here and there and anything from Suzi is going to be awesome, informative, technical and creative. You will definitely learn the skills necessary to grow your art! Oh, and did I mention she is having a sale on her classes right now? OK, enough endorsements, but you should check Suzi out...I think I am going to go back to my studio now and play some more ART!


  1. Aren't classes fun?! I'm taking Sharon's class, but have no idea when I can take time for it :) I'm just happy to know that's it's accessible to me when I need it. And I'm thinking of taking another one in July (I'm crazy)
    You're learning well from Sharon--love your face!

  2. I left a comment and then realized the crazy blog ogre didn't scroll down to let me see I needed to play a word game before the comment would take.

    You did a great job on this face. I haven't done one yet. I got my grandson's face on the canvas but now don't want to wreck it. I've never painted a face before. I think I'll just draw a generic face in my journal and try that out first. I hope I do as well as you've done.

  3. I like your blue girl. I am looking forward to Laure's class too.