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20 May 2010

Attention is Always Nice!

Today I got a bit of a shock, a good one but very surprised. I joined this wonderful art group called Milliande Art Community for Women and have been enjoying the sheer fun of being surrounded by other women artists, looking at their work, reading their poetry and journal entries and learning from tutorials graciously uploaded for the community to use. Anyway, one of my paintings I had uploaded was picked by Milliande as one of the days featured works of art! Me of all people - I just began this painting adventure and there are so many extremely talented women in this community - it was a very nice surprise! Just in case you are curious the picture here is the one I am talking about - who knew?! It is 12x14 acrylic with decorative napkin embellishments on cardboard. An experiment from Sharon Tomlinson's class.


  1. Congratulations and thank you for the shoutout.

  2. Well deserved--this is stunning!