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07 May 2010

Does Art Have to Make A Statement?

Something I have always been confused about is when you are creating a piece of art do you have a purpose and focus for the piece beyond your muse simply telling you it is time to create? How do you imbue your work with a meaning other than just a pretty painting or whatever medium you are working in? Or, better yet do you feel you need to intentionally have a purpose/focus/statement to your piece in which you are trying to convey something to the viewer other than just the beauty of the piece? I often hear artists say they go with the flow of their muse as they create, more or less spontaneously rather than a focused direction. If that is the case how can the piece make a specific statement? Often I also hear artists state that the viewer will get the sense of the message you were trying to draw out into the open with their work... can a piece be both spontaneous and at the same time impart a message?

Second painting in Sharon's class...

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  1. I think it's wonderful when it just flows out of you--but this doesn't happen all the time. I like my art the best when I create for myself with no purpose. I love your new face!!--they're contagious, don't you think?