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03 May 2010

Oh my Gosh...I'm Painting!

In my last post I was talking about my new discovery of both a very talented teacher and a new medium - painting. After having a field day in art supply stores buying all my new supplies I made a new space for my all my new supplies. I finally got the courage up to begin, and I worked on the background. After finishing my background I looked over my work and let it sit for a few days as I kept letting fear of making a mistake get in my way of actually beginning my painting! How dumb, that is why you take a class - because you don't know how to do something that you want to learn - this is the environment to make those mistakes - so you can learn! I felt my muse grab me by the collar and the next thing I new I was painting! Here is my first attempt...


  1. Stupid fear, anyway! But you caught on and moved past it, so yeah!! Now you can just have fun painting...and you started off with a bang.

  2. I took Sharon's class too--and I loved it , and learned Alot--your first attempt is excellent! I'm glad that I found your blog!