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24 June 2010

Echo Challenge Word ~ "Meander"

Main Entry: 1me·an·der
Pronunciation: \mē-ˈan-dər\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin maeander, from Greek maiandros, from Maiandros (now Menderes), river in Asia Minor
Date: 1576
1 : a winding path or course; especially : labyrinth
2 : a turn or winding of a stream
— me·an·drous \-drəs\ adjective

To meander through an old New England Mill Town in the early morning of a gently overcast and cool summer day one is greeted with the silence and solitude of the vast magnitude of times past which somehow have managed to traverse time silently joining you in this early morning walk. The wonderful faded reds of the old brick buildings now fulfilling duties other than for those which they were originally built; beautiful white wooden picket fences with all manner of heirloom herbs and flowers all vying for their own spaces many gregarious enough to grace both inside the garden and spilling over their white wooden containment's into the edges of the now paved roads. Oh how time has changed our world: except in the quiet hours of an early morning walk in an old New England town.


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  2. Was this picture taken at Williamsburg!