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07 June 2010

Photography Prompts - Echo Project Week 15

This week I was cruising around various artist's blogs, following links and just getting lost in all the wonderfullness of the myriad of interpretations of art out there. I happily stumbled upon a link to two wonderful photographers who have put a group together where every other week one is given a prompt for a photograph. I thought to myself, "hmmmmmm this might just be the inspiration I have been looking for to get me back out in the field and photographing nature, one of my many passions". Now I know this sounds like I am just over loading my plate but photography is a life long passion of mine. I have been at it since I was quite young...just not lately, and it actually ties in quite nicely with my handmade book arts, so I thought why not?! The project is called Echo (there is a button on my sidebar if you are interested in joining the project), and week #15 has the prompt of "Rouge". This is my interpretation, photographically of that deep, vibrant and heat filled color that signals summer in my mind's eye. As you can see I am a little rusty with my photography but I promise the pictures will get better!

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