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15 June 2010

The Spirit of the Gulf

My first attempt at watercolor - this is my contribution to the "Spirit of the Gulf Challenge," a young brown pelican looking out at the crisp clear blue-green waters of the ocean and dreaming pelican dreams of soaring over the white caps looking for a few snacks from a school of silvery fish just spotted right beneath the shadow of her wings.
A couple of days ago I was blog hopping and discovered a site that is calling for all artists to create a piece of art depicting something of the Gulf of Mexico BEFORE the disaster hit. I put the link on my sidebar but I think it deserves a post of its own so here it is. The call is to put into that piece of art all of the heart and soul of what the Gulf means to the planet's overall well being and all the positive thoughts and energy you possibly can send to this disaster, which by the way is not contained just to the Gulf. It is moving and will continue moving. Our great country is founded on many principals and one of them is being united in times of crisis - well folks this is one of those times.  We need one unified voice to direct all of the groups and volunteers and it is NOT BP - BP doesn't own the Gulf and this is too big for just one company to handle! (Mr. President we need you now... It should be all of the oil companies, all of the environmental groups and all of those recently graduated environmental students without jobs and more - and where is the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers? This is of a magnitude approaching Katrina so what is the problem guys?)  OK, I have said my piece and hopefully not lost any of my friends along the way... back to the issue at hand. We are artists - we are about the beauty around us and creating our art from our hearts and souls - lets pull together and take this challenge to each create a piece of art for the Gulf. I am placing the link so you can read all of the details on how to complete and post your work for this project. Please forgive my anger, because we need less anger and lots, lots more love and compassion to get it all done!


  1. Hi Beth,my new friend!..First, a big Thank You for leaving me a comment!And Yes, you should be angry,especially having the knowledge you have,I can only imagine your frustration.Second,I am so glad you did this post,as I have been blog-surfing today,I have met sooo many artists speaking out.I found this woman and thought of you,she was expressing her passion and thoughts ,not sure if you are famliar with her(everyone seems to be 'linked' in this pun intended)
    And you are right,more love&compassion gets the job done!As my Hubby tells me...."Peck,peck,peck"...hugs&smiles your way,

  2. I started an oil spill series in the midst of the top kill fiasco and haven't stopped. I'm obsessing over this. People are commenting on how peaceful and healing it is to see the creatures in their beauty and not dripping with oil. The whole thing is so very deeply disturbing on so many levels. I think it must be what rape is like.

  3. Wow, what a jammed pack creative space! So, enjoyed my visit. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  4. Hi Beth
    I can't see you losing any "good" friends with your rant. It's great to see your studio, bigger than mine but you have so many more skills to house !

    I'm following you now Beadtopia aka Redsbeads,
    loving your watercolours, do you never stop !