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02 June 2010

Summer and the Dance of the Fireflies

Summer is less than two weeks away and the trees and flowers are boisterously in bloom here in Northern New England. It was a mild winter, especially for New Hampshire and everything wonderful about summer seems to have arrived extra early this year. Perhaps nature is trying to make up for the horrible horrible ice storm that destroyed so many trees and plants two winters ago. The wood thrush with their beautiful trilled song arrived at the end of April, very early indeed and the dragonflies and fireflies are all out dancing in the meadow. Dragonflies by day and fireflies by night, what a treat! I have made a little study of the fireflies, nothing scientific or documented other than in my head - they all appear to have their own little signature light dance. As they skip through the night blinking once or twice sequentially, there are others who exuberantly blink three, four or even five times in their eons old mating ritual saying, "look at me, surely you want to mate with me the most grand of them all"!  Nature is such a marvelous wonder...My DH has always said that June is his favorite time of the year, which I used to disagree - thinking fall was surely the most wonderful - but this year has made me rethink those feelings. I still love fall with the gorgeous scenery decorated with mother nature's paintbrush the myriad colors flaunted in the changing leaves and the crisp fall evenings requiring one of those lovely hand knit shawls that we all love to wrap ourselves and curl up in. Apple cobbler with those handpicked apples from the orchard down the road...but I digress. Summer is coming, YIPPEE!!! I will be spending my summer working in my studio (seems silly to call it work for it does not resemble any of my past experiences with WORK) - this is play, self-discovery, artistic growth and self-expression...and most importantly - FUN!
In Celebration to the Summer Goddess - let's all create art and have fun...
Ciao for now,


  1. You have such a way with words describing the seasons--another creative talent. And I agree--Fall is my favorite, but I'm so happy that summer is here!

  2. Wow, I close my eyes & can see the fire flies dancing. Then I can smell the cobbler & feel the chill of the night. Wish I was in New England. Summer here is dreadful. Today was 98 & sticky with humidity. And summer's just begun. I vote for fall. LOL Lisa
    BTW, thanks for participating in my challenge. Can't wait to see what you come up with.