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29 August 2010

Dream Porch, Well, and Dream House!!!

I had planned on something else today for my friends on my blog but while out blog hopping (I really need to stop doing this and get some serious art made), I found this AMAZING - did I say AMAZING - I mean AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS PORCH - this girl has some serious talent at decorating!  I usually try to keep myself under control and say what I have is nice and I should not be jealous of what others have but oh my... well, you tell me if I am wrong - go and visit her porch redo, and other pictures of her home, and see for yourself...ooops, sorry I can't stop drooling. She is a very lucky lady, which I am sure she knows. Go and enjoy and dream...or maybe take a nap on the porch. Hmmmm, I have to do some decorating planning now!

1 comment:

  1. Beth,

    I can't find the link to go see the amazing porch. What I can see from the photo you have on your blog, it looks like I want to be there.