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26 August 2010

"Out and About" Thursday

I am trying to be much better at getting a post out most days and am trying a new venue on for size. I thought doing posts by theme might be interesting for all of us. It gives me a chance to practice on all you wonderful guinea pig friends with my writing and my picture taking, which seems to have gotten marginal at best since the advent of digital...hmmm, wonder what that is about. Anyway I thought Thursdays I would post tips or other blogs/websites with nifty new ideas or techniques or new online classes I have found, heaven knows we all need more classes LOL.

First off there is this site, which I am sure many of you have seen their bee logo floating around on different sites. Here is the skinny on why you might want to look at them a little closer - first you can list your blog in an orderly compendium of blogs by your venue; second you can advertise your blog merchandise if you are a merchant blogger, again by venue so people will find you by your category; third it is a fun place with information, how to better your blog and all kinds of other nifty stuff geared to us bloggers. There is also a special currently going on to get an upgrade to your listing that you might want to check out. The basic listing is free but there are lots of different levels and of course you get that really cute bee button for your blog! Sorry, I have this thing for bees...

Second, I found this website today while I was searching around for a template or inexpensive place to purchase tags - yes, I am crazy-go-nuts for tags too! Anyway, this site has free PDF templates you can download if you are into making your own tags and don't have one of those humungus (sp?) tag punches. They have all kinds of cute shape including a primitave star, hearts and lots more so you may want to go have a look see there as well.

Hope you all find some of this useful...

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