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25 August 2010

White Wednesday

My all time favorite bowl, ever! It was made in Italy and came
to me via TJ Maxx - oh how I love that store -
 my DH can tell you all about that LOL
Hi all, I apologize for not posting much this month I just can't seem to stop finding all these neat classes to take online and of course once I find them I grab them for fear they will disappear before I get back to them - where does that dumb feeling come from?

I just bought a new digital camera for taking better pictures for my Etsy shop and soon to be website and I am working on figuring it all out - I think I need some more neat props to add to the pictures.

I had planned on going outside today and taking pictures around the house but since it is pouring rain for the 5th straight day (we sure needed it so I am not complaining) I decided to do a "white" still life! I just love, love, love white don't you? This is my favorite bowl - I just love the diamond cut-outs all around the top. Ok, I digress, again, back to the photography - I was surprised with the difference between the two pictures below with just the use of the flash in one and not in the other!  Ok, my backlighting for the one that looks creamy was just a candle LOL so not sure why I was surprised...anyway, I am babbling again!  Hope you enjoy the white wednesday...
Talk to you soon,
Interesting effect, my all time favorite white, yes white,
bowl without my using a flash, hmmmm.

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